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Who we are

We know that true health is not measured from what you can see but what you FEEL!

We promote balanced living for optimal physical, mental and emotional health! With a long-standing tenure of diverse team members, we are committed to not only creating a successful program but to see you through the journey of living your best self!

Our team, first hand understands the challenges we face in today’s society with self image and with the endless sources for fitness providers we strive to provide and maintain a non-intimidating and inclusive environment that women of all ages and fitness levels will feel welcome. 

Our approach


For those seeking to take their results to the next level and learning effective use of their time while training.


Established in 1996 with the intent to inspire and empower. We believe in living your purpose, discovering your passion and supporting others to do the same. We ALL have a WHY.. Why do I do what I do.

Child Minding

With onsite childminding, you can have the support you need to maintain your fitness program if childcare is a concern.

group fitness

Offering you a wide range of options for group training. Such as Zumba, HIIT, Step classes, Bollywood Body toning, Yoga and more.

Our numbers
that speak

Located in the heart of Downtown Surrey, we strive to empower the amazing women on our community.

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