Biggest Loser

My Weight Loss Journey at Fit For Women Gym

I started my weight loss at 240lbs after having my fourth child.  It was time for a change. But weight loss is a very hard thing to start…its overwhelming. Where do I start? I had just started maternity leave and wanted to get myself back. When I started with Fit for Women Gym, I was immediately inspired to start something. I was ready. The staff were great and the atmosphere was comfortable and the classes fun. I just needed some direction. I met my trainer.  She wanted someone to mentor and I wanted to be told what to do… we were a match. We met every week and she assigned me ‘homework’….one change a week.  That’s it. Cut out sugar. Healthy breakfasts, eat more veggies, walk more this week etc. And I went to the gym and did my workouts regularly.  And every week I saw results. I felt great. She broke down my weight loss into small steps and I was succeeding. I kept a food journal for a while and she would look over it and ‘mark it’.  After about 16 months I lost 70 pounds. I started a sz20 and got down to a size 8/10. I feel great. I have tons of energy. And best of all, I have kept my good habits, developed some of my own and have kept up my healthy lifestyle.

When I had lost about 30 pounds, my trainer said we were going to do the Grouse Grind. I was petrified, IT WAS A MOUNTAIN!!! But I was not one to back down.  My goal was to reach the top and not die, I didn’t care about time. It was hard, I complained, but it was possible. I did it. And I felt great. That day I learned that things are always bigger in your head than they actually are. You can do anything. Just try it. Since then I run 5 k at least once a week on top of my workouts ( I used to think that was impossible) I have done many hikes, with the Chief next on my list. I have done a Spartan Race. Ride bikes with the kids. And I am always on the go.

My husband and 4 kids (ages 4, 5, 11, 14) have all developed better habits and join me sometimes on my ventures. We have a much more active lifestyle.

I am back to work now and am lucky to have a gym at work that I use every day. Routine is everything to me so I work it into my breaks. I try to challenge myself all the time (January was my squat challenge month…200 a day!! )   I always pack a lunch so I am not scrambling for something to eat. I plan my meals the day before.  I always have healthy foods in the fridge, and look up recipes to keep things new and fresh. And if I want a treat, I let myself indulge occasionally. When I feel like I am slipping or need to get back on track ( no one’s perfect !) I start again with simple changes and work my way back.  Drink lots of water and I swear by oatmeal in the mornings. And find a friend to encourage you.

Thank you Fit for Women

and thank you to my trainer !!