10 pet products every owner needs

Whether you're about to bring a new pet home or your furkid is already a family member, pet products and accessories can be overwhelming.

It's not the cheapest vacuum, but it works well on floors, carpets, and furniture. This powerful vacuum with four attachments deep cleans surface hair and embedded fur.

Animal Vacuum Cleaner

This game-changing toy helps dogs satisfy their instinctual need to chew. This toy helps with separation anxiety, teething, chewing, and boredom. The durable rubber can hold treats, and its unpredictable bounce makes it a great fetch toy.

Kong Extreme Dog Toy

Sharp blades made of high-quality stainless steel and a safety stop blade prevent overcutting. Ergonomically designed, these clippers are comfortable and lightweight, and a locking mechanism prevents children from opening them.

Gonicc Pet Nail Clippers

When it's inconvenient to bathe your pet, use these travel-friendly wipes. Bamboo-based, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E clean coats, paws, and bums.

 Hygienic Pet Wipes

This luxury stroller lets your pampered pet ride in style. Mesh provides visibility, ventilation, and storage for pets up to 30lbs.

Pet Travel Stroller

Feliway calms stressed cats. It releases odourless feline pheromones to calm your cat. It's a great kit to have when relocating a cat or when something disruptive is about to happen.

Feliway Classic Starter Kit

Self-warming faux shag fur bed mimics a mother's warmth for your furkid. High walls with a water-resistant bottom provide head and neck support, safety, and security.

Calming Donut Bed

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