11 Uses for Coffee Grounds You Didn’t Know About

Coffee has many benefits. Coffee grounds are also beneficial. Don't throw away coffee grounds after your morning brew. They can help your garden and beauty routine.

Save your coffee grounds

Twice a month, give your scalp a deep clean to remove product buildup. Work brewed coffee grounds into your scalp for 60 seconds, then rinse and apply shampoo and conditioner.

Hair growth and shine

Coffee grounds absorb odours from spoiled or overly fragrant foods. The nitrogen in coffee grounds neutralises odours, according to a study. Fill a jar with used or fresh grounds and store it in the refrigerator.

Deodorize your fridge

When gardening, use coffee grounds instead of commercial fertiliser. "Spent" coffee grounds and charred spent coffee grounds absorb heavy metals that contaminate soil and water, according to research.

Fertilize plants

Brunettes, coffee grounds can boost hair colour without harsh chemicals. Mix cooled coffee grounds with conditioner and apply to freshly shampooed hair. Rinse with cool water to seal the hair cuticle after five minutes.

Use it as a natural dye

Coffee grounds' grit can be used as a DIY cleaning scrub. Due to their antibacterial properties, they're great for homemade soap. Fried loves making soap with fresh grounds. "It's great for washing hands after gardening or cooking."

Wash up

Coffee grounds' gritiness makes them a good lip exfoliant. Mix a half-teaspoon of used coffee grounds with a half-teaspoon of honey to treat chapped lips. Rub the mixture on your lips for 30 seconds, then remove with a wet washcloth.

Soften lips

Spraying and sniffing multiple fragrances to find the perfect scent can cause nasal fatigue. Conventional wisdom says coffee can cleanse your olfactory palate, but the science is inconclusive.

Perfumes? Smell better

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