15 houseplants that smell great

Leave It To Lemon Balm

Lacking space or time to grow your own lemon tree? Melissa officinalis is an alternative. Lemon balm is a mint that smells like tart, sugared lemons and grows easily. Lemon balm can be used in teas, as a supplement, and as a soothing topical.

Home Run With Hoya

The hoya vine (hoya carnosa) is a milkweed with thick, waxy leaves and delicate five-point star flowers. The hoya vine, native to tropical Asia and Australia, grows well indoors and emits a vanilla or citrus scent, according to Fragrantica.

Give It Up For Grape Hyacinth

Bluebells (muscari armeniacum) resemble a shrunken hyacinth plant. Grape hyacinth is a member of the asparagus family, but its bulbous flowers resemble grapes. Wisconsin Horticulture says this flower's scent is grassy and grapey.

Orchid Oasis

Orchids aren't just for prom bouquets and corsages. Don't be intimidated by these tropical indoor flowers. Miltonia is an easy-to-care-for orchid that resembles the pansy wildflower. Everyday Orchids says they smell like roses. A mixture of indirect sun and shade is best for pansy orchids.

Luscious Lavender

Lavender (lavandula spp.) is used in medicine, lotions, teas, and syrups because of its floral, herby, and woodsy scent. In Elizabethan times, when baths were rare, lavender was used to mask odours and refresh linens.

Romancing Rosemary

These edible plants are great for your indoor garden, unlike herbs. Rosemary is evergreen, woodsy, and botanical. Like lavender, rosemary is medicinal and aromatherapeutic.

Grateful For Gardenias

Gardenia (gardenia jasminoides) is a popular garden scent. Gardenia-scented lotions, perfumes, and body washes abound. Flora Queen says the late designer Coco Chanel loved its clean, peachy, creamy scent.

Perfectly Perfumed Plumeria

When you can't travel to Hawaii, bring a plumeria shrub home. Plumeria is used in Hawaiian leis. Colorful Florida Plumeria Some plumerias smell like stone fruit and citrus, while others are spicy and creamy.

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