21 chocolate chip recipes to satiate your sweet tooth

Always-available chocolate chips. We cook, bake, and eat them straight from the bag. Delicious and versatile, they come in many varieties and can be used in many recipes. These 21 sweet recipes use chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, mini chocolate chips, and chocolate chunks.

Blondies are brownies without chocolate, but only in the batter. In this chewy blondie recipe from Broma Bakery, chocolate chips are optional. You can use milk, dark, white, or any chip you want.

Chewy blondies

Lauren's Latest's chewy chocolate chip granola bars are cheaper and healthier than store-bought. Chocolate chips, butter, honey, brown sugar, oats, rice cereal, and vanilla.

Chewy chocolate chip granola bars

Cafe Delites' fudgy recipe uses cocoa powder for the cake, but chocolate chips and heavy cream for the ganache. It's moist, delicious, and made in one bowl without beaters, mixers, or sifters!

Chocolate cake

This one-bowl banana bread recipe from Tasty eliminates unnecessary steps. That and chocolate chips.

Chocolate chip banana bread

Recipe Girl's chocolate chip cheesecake uses just eight ingredients—two for the crust and six for the filling. No ice bath necessary!

Chocolate chip cheesecake

A chocolate chip cookie recipe was a must. The BEST chocolate chip cookie recipe. This recipe from Joy Food Sunshine has thousands of perfect 5.0 ratings.

Chocolate chip cookies

Try Sugar Spun Run's chocolate chip cookie bars. The recipe requires no mixer, chilling, or scooping, making them easier than cookies.

Chocolate chip cookie bars

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