Does 30 minutes of exercise counteract a day of sitting?

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I follow the CDC's recommendation of 30 minutes of daily exercise. 

When I'm bored, I walk my dog, follow a YouTube workout, or ride a stationary bike. 

I wonder if that half-hour counteracts all the sitting I do. 

After a long day, my hips, back, & shoulders ache, & my hip flexors are stiff. 

I researched & found the answer. 30 minutes of exercise a day doesn't cancel out sitting. 

Moving more can help counteract a sedentary lifestyle. Long periods of sitting are unhealthy. 

It promotes poor circulation & weakens leg & gluteal muscles, say doctors & PTs. 

Weakened leg muscles make older adults more likely to fall & damage themselves. 

Lengthy periods of sitting can shorten hip flexors, causing hip joint difficulties. 

Poor posture might cause your spine's discs to compress & degenerate faster. How does inactivity effect longevity? 

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