34 Small Laundry Room Ideas

Laundry is inevitable. Since you spend a lot of time washing, drying, and folding, it makes sense to design a laundry room that is more tolerable. Stylish laundry room ideas. Some of these design ideas focus on the room's layout, offering inspiration on how to transform a closet, mudroom, or hallway. Others suggest using storage solutions and organising tips to maximise space.

Create harmony by matching cabinets and machines in colour. This laundry room proves that an unexpected colour can work wonders.

Go Tone-on-Tone

Put extra laundry supplies under your sink in a small space. Pull back a fabric skirt to find what you need.

Hide Supplies Under a Skirt

Sarah Stacey incorporated laundry hampers into her design. Sort whites, darks, and delicates on pull-out shelves.

Make Sorting a Breeze

Raising your washer and dryer eases loading and unloading. Use the machine riser kit or take a cue from Christie Leu's chic laundry room.

Elevate Your Machines

Floor-to-ceiling built-ins store cleaning supplies, linens, and more. Keep your laundry day essentials in cubbies near the machines.

Build Machines Into Your Cabinets

Bold colours can brighten a windowless laundry room. Let the wallpaper be the focus, then coordinate flooring and cabinetry.

Bring in Bold Colors

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