7 Habits of Highly Frugal People

Dr. Stephen Covey's "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" has sold over 15 million copies in 38 languages since 1989. Covey co-wrote books on teens, families, and marriage. Positive, inspiring writing.

If you want to make small, incremental changes, work on practises, behaviour, or attitude, said the late educator and author. If you want quantum improvement, work on paradigms."

1. Being frugal saves money.

Frugal people can occasionally enjoy a $10 restaurant lunch but know that doing so daily would cost nearly $4,000 a year. Potlucks replace dining out.
They reuse teabags, empty and reuse vacuum bags, and clip coupons to save a dollar on peanut butter.

2. Frugals make decisions carefully

Frugal people have a broad perspective and don't always choose the cheapest option. They consider many options before deciding.

3. Frugals are good time and money managers.

Frugal people efficiently organise errands. They know when saving money isn't worth their time.
They wouldn't cross town to save a quarter on milk. Disciplined and work-first.

4. Frugal people DIY

A frugal person researches online and consults a home improvement centre expert before hiring a professional for household repairs.
Frugal people own high-quality tools for simple home repairs. They barter to complete the job.

5. Savers see opportunities others miss

When an opportunity arises, frugal people trust their intuition. Free firewood on a parkway or school supplies at an April rummage sale are true finds for the frugal.
Contrarians who don't conform are frugal shoppers.

6. Frugals reuse old items

Brown shoe polish can fix blemishes on woodwork or furniture. Steel wool stops pests from entering walls.
Frugal people use free pallets for storage in the backyard, garage, and basement. People find creative uses for duct tape.

7. Frugals are proud of their thriftiness

Frugal people have turned their homes into money-saving havens. They've found ways to cut house, food, transportation, insurance, entertainment, and utility costs.
They've turned household chores into fun family activities, like gardening and bicycling.

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