8 Calm Dog Breeds With All of the Chill

The King Charles Cavalier Spaniel has flowing locks, friendly faces, and a calm demeanour, according to the AKC. You can also use them as therapy dogs.

1) King Charles Cavalier Spaniel

Those eyes... Yes, Basset hound ears hang low, and you can probably tie them in a bow. They're stubborn and hard to train, but they love to lounge all day.

2) Basset Hound

This gentle giant was bred to rid Ireland of wolves, but now they lounge like kings. These intelligent, trainable dogs make great companions.

3) Irish Wolfhound

These alien-looking faces often nap after a short walk because their legs are so short. They're quiet, adaptable, and great for apartments.

4) French Bulldog

Bernese mountain dogs are chill despite their size. They're great family dogs who love playing with kids and napping in the sun.

5) Bernese Mountain Dogs

Pekingese are loyal, affectionate, and outgoing; the Buddha bred them. We don't know if that's true, but these tiny dogs will make you lucky. They can adapt to children, but prefer child-free homes.

6) Pekingese

As much as "newfies" love lounging, they could be furry throw rugs. These super-sized fuzzy friends don't get excited easily, making them perfect for calming your family.

7) Newfoundland

A boerboel's smile will have you signing adoption papers before you know it. Bring home a cuddle bug if you have a quiet home without other pets; they may be wary of strange animals.

8) Boerboel

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