8 Pilates Rings for Home Workouts

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Welcome if you're in a workout rut & want to sweat more. You've arrived. The Pilates ring is an affordable way to challenge your muscles at home. 

We like pretty things, honest! This metallic 10-pound bb is so pretty, you'll love working out with it . You can also use the ring for strength-training & HIIT.

Magic Ring

This Amazon find has over 6,000 positive reviews, so it's great. It's beginner-friendly, comes in five colors, has sweat-resistant grips, & a carrying pouch.


Pilates 13-Inch Ring

We love 4.5-star, under-$16 finds. Yoga, Pilates, upper- & lower-body exercises work.

I recommend this bb for beginners. It comes with a poster detailing exercise ring moves, so you'll never be stumped/bored/unmotivated.

Fitness Pilates Ring

This workout isn't typical, but that's the point. Ring Fit Adventure is a Nintendo Switch fitness game. You kill monsters by working out.

Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventure

Pilates rings are customizable. You can target your upper or lower body & choose the resistance level. 

Pilates ring selection

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