9 Plants That Purify Your Indoor Environment of Toxins

If you have pets or kids, check if a plant is toxic before bringing it home.ASPCA maintains a searchable list of toxic plants for dogs, cats, and horses.

Plant warning

Don't be put off by the common name "mother-in-tongue" law's Perfect for those with a black thumb.The snake plant can survive with little light and water. Costa Farms, one of the largest wholesale nurseries in the U.S., markets it as one of its "Plants of Steel."

1. Snake plant

Also called Aglaonema, Chinese evergreens are an air-purifying "plant of steel" that tolerates low light.

2. Chinese evergreen

Air purifier and medicinal plant. Healing products have been made from the succulent plant's thick, fleshy leaves for centuries.

3. Aloe vera

Boston fern removes carcinogenic formaldehyde from the air. The Boston fern is the top houseplant in Wolverton's book for removing formaldehyde gas.

4. Boston fern

This palm excels at removing ammonia, landing it at No. 1 among Wolverton’s list of 50 air-cleansing houseplants for removing that unhealthy gas.

5. Lady palm

At the 2005 annual meeting of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, researchers said English ivy can reduce airborne mould and dog faeces.

6. English ivy

This vining plant is another air purifier known to tolerate neglect and lower light. It’s one of my favorites, along with the next plant on this list.

7. Golden pothos

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