A Fresh Appearance Is Coming to the Burger Chain

Changes are being made to Wendy's plans for future expansion. 

In lieu of the large ghost kitchen growth deal, the chain has decided to refocus on its regular locations. 

Has come to the conclusion that redesigning & optimising the design of its burgers is essential to the chain's burger future. 

The corporation just made the announcement that it will be modernising the restaurant layout of all newly constructed sites. 

The new prototype for Global Next Gen will come equipped with more up-to-date technologies as well as more streamlined methods for picking up orders. 

Pick-up shelves for customers' mobile orders will be positioned inside, in addition to specific customer parking spots. 

In addition, there will be brand new pick-up windows that are devoted only to drivers picking up orders for delivery. 

In addition, the entire restaurant will be streamlined so that it operates more efficiently. 

This includes the new kitchen, which will be designed in the style of a galley & will run from the front to the back of the restaurant. 

The new restaurant concept will make its debut in the United States in the spring of 2023 in the city of New Albany, Ohio. 

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