A new sweet offering is coming to McDonald's this autumn.

The newest seasonal offering from McDonald's for the fall does not have any pumpkin or maple flavours. 

Instead, it's a sweet delicacy that dates back more than three decades and was popular at the time. 

The cheese Danish, a flaky pastry filled with creamy cream cheese & topped with a buttery streusel & light vanilla drizzle, will be available again beginning on September 14 at the chain's locations. 

McDonald's has stated that the limited-time offering is a "new spin" on a similar pastry that the fast food chain offered in the 1980s for just a short period of time. 

It's the most recent instance of a fast food company using nostalgia to pique the interest of potential customers. 

Recently, Pizza Hut took a step back in time & brought back its old logo from the 1990s. There have been multiple revivals of the McRib at McDonald's. 

And for a limited time, Burger King reverted the price of the Whopper to what it was when it first went on sale. 

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