Avoid sprays & soaps

My mom taught me to thoroughly wash store-bought produce. 

Between pesticide residue, transportation, delivery, handling, & overly handsy grocery store shoppers. 

I'm sceptical of what germs & grime I might ingest if I don't wash my fruits & veggies.

“An estimated 48 million people are affected by food contamination each year,” says Mia Syn, MS, RDN of Nutrition by Mia. 

Syn says we shouldn't fear eating fresh fruits & vegetables because of the statistic above. 

But we should assume that all fresh produce needs to be rinsed before it reaches your kitchen. 

Whether it's organic, conventional, fresh from the farm, or shipped internationally. 

"All produce should be washed before consumption, no matter what," Syn says. 

"Trust me, you do." It's possible to go overboard in the quest for clean produce. 

FDA says using sprays & soaps to wash produce is unnecessary & could make you sick.

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