California's Fast Food Recovery Act Everywhere

Ast food workers have long fought for improved salaries & conditions. 

In recent years, workers at Chipotle & Starbucks have formed unions to make these demands. 

The AP writes that this week in California, lawmakers enacted the FAST Recovery Act, modifying how fast food is governed in the state. 

If signed by California Governor Gavin Newsom, the bill could transform how fast food outlets are run nationwide. 

The FAST Recovery Act, or AB 257, will form a 10-member Fast Food Council made up of worker delegates, employer representatives, & two state officials. 

Along with the statewide Fast Food Council, the measure empowers towns & counties with 200,000 or more residents to organize their own local councils to make recommendations to the statewide council. 

According to the AP, an amendment would cap any rising minimum wage for fast food employees at chains with more than 100 outlets at $22 an hour next year with cost of living adjustments included in. 

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