Can You Refreeze Meat?

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We are looking to our freezers for inspiration as we plan our weekly meals. 

You can store meat in a chest freezer so that you are prepared to take advantage of sales. 

When they occur or so that you always have a choice of chicken, beef, & pork available. 

That varies. If you thawed the meat in your refrigerator or another location. 

With temperatures that were lower than 42 degrees Fahrenheit, you can safely refreeze it. 

Be sure to put it back in the freezer as soon as you can, preferably within two to four days at the most but no longer than that. 

However, before you put it back into the freezer, you should check it to see if it has any odours or colours that are out of the ordinary. 

It is impossible to refreeze the meat if it was previously defrosted on the stovetop or in the microwave. 

After it has cooled, the cooked meat can then be frozen without risk of spoilage. 

Additionally, meat that has been left out of the refrigerator for more than one to two hours should be thrown away. 

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