Chili Crisp's Ascent

You've probably at least heard of chilli crisp. 

Spicy, crunchy Chinese condiment has gained popularity in the U.S. 

Chili crisp is a mix of dried chilis, oil, garlic, shallots, sesame seeds, peanuts, salt, & MSG. 

The outcome is a tingling, multi-flavor, multi-texture sensation. 

Chili crisp gained popularity in 2019 & during the pandemic, when many people were experimenting with sourdough starters & buying new ingredients to spice up weary dishes. 

This excitement hasn't waned. Chili crisp set an all-time high in Internet searches in May 2022, & it made this year's hot lists at Whole Foods & Kroger. 

How did this beautiful jar capture America's heart & grocery shelves? 

Chili crisp has been used in China for millennia, yet it's new to Western palates. 

June Xie, Senior Food Producer at Delish, suggests adding peanuts, sesame seeds, garlic, & spices. 

Even in China, a big country with various regional cultures, chilli crisp can vary, therefore there's no one chilli crisp. 

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