Cholesterol-Rising Foods

Half of all heart attacks occur in normal-cholesterol adults. 

A 2017 New England Journal of Medicine study looked at 10,000 heart attack patients with increased CRP levels. 

The anti-inflammatory group had 37% less inflammation and 15% fewer cardiovascular events such heart attacks than the placebo group. 

Remember when eggs were considered unhealthy? Science has learned a lot about cholesterol & heart health since then, as the report suggests. 

Recent research shows that while some meals contain cholesterol, many aren't the main cause of high "bad" cholesterol levels. 

Cholesterol comes as protein-containing HDLs, LDLs, & VLDLs (VLDLs). LDLs & VLDLs clog arteries, according to the cholesterol theory of heart disease. 

Many cardiovascular doctors no longer use total cholesterol as a metric of heart health after learning that HDL may be protective. 

LDL cholesterol has since become an issue though some doctors look at all non-HDL cholesterol, including both LDL & VLDL. 

SodaNow that researchers know high-cholesterol diets don't raise blood cholesterol significantly, they're looking elsewhere, says Atlanta-based sports nutritionist Marie Spano. 

Sugar is the biggest adversary. According to Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases, it may raise cholesterol & heart disease risk more than saturated fat. 

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