Discontinued fast-food burgers

Take a walk down burger memory lane with these defunct favourites. Most of these burgers were discontinued since they didn't reach mainstream sales, but they nevertheless garnered fans.

Wendy's rarely modifies its core menu but likes limited-time burgers. Pretzel Bacon Pub Cheeseburger was a popular menu item. Muenster cheese, bacon, honey mustard, beer cheese sauce, fried onions, pickles, & a pretzel bun. 

Wendy's Pub Cheeseburger Pretzel

Chop House Cheddar Burger, released in 2009, is a consumer favourite. The burger was never a permanent menu item and hasn't been seen since 2016. Fans have begun a petition demanding its resurrection.

Whataburger Chophouse Cheddar

In 2019, Hardee's meatless Thickburger debuted. The burger was one of four dishes made by the restaurant in conjunction with Beyond meat.Hardee's removed all Beyond products off the menu & now focuses on chicken & Angus beef.

Beyond Thickburger

McDonald's discontinued its Signature burgers in 2019 to simplify its operations & minimise the amount of goods its kitchens had to stock & create. Maple Bacon Dijon, Sweet BBQ Bacon & chicken sandwiches were eliminated.

Burgers from McDonald's

Jack in the Box tried Mini Sirloin Burgers when sliders were popular. Mini burgers came with American cheese, grilled onions, & ketchup. Jack in the Box discontinued minis in 2011 due to low sales.

Jack-In-Box Sirloin mini-burgers

Angus Burger was another high-end burger that McDonald's didn't provide. The one-third-pound Angus beef burger, available in three types, was aimed to target younger customers who liked premium burgers at sit-down restaurants.

McAngus Burger

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