Diseases that are available during the monsoon season

Are you a fan of the monsoon & the wet season? We are all guilty of this. 

But the downside to the beautiful weather is that it makes us more susceptible to bacterial, viral, & fungal infections. 

Which can have a negative impact on our immune & overall health. 

Consuming foods that are rich in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, & antioxidants is extremely vital if you want to keep your immune strong & your health in general in good condition. 

These foods, together referred to as superfoods, offer defence & defence against illnesses and infections that may be brought on by bad weather. 

Vegetables with leafy greens are especially beneficial to one's health & nourishment. 

You need to take extra precautions during the monsoons because this is the period of year when most microorganisms breed. 

Which can lead to the contamination of leafy green crops. Before consuming them, ensure that they have been properly washed & cooked. 

Vegetables that are green in colour, such as spinach, mustard, lettuce, cabbage, & others, are excellent suppliers of vitamins A & E as well as iron. 

Foods that increase immunity such as peas, broccoli, & beans are all types of greens that should be integrated into a person's diet. 

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