Does "Fly Yoga" Work?

Yoga is a time-tested practise. This meditative movement modality has helped people cultivate mindfulness while staying limber & healthy for thousands of years. 

Yoga boosts mind-body wellness, say scientists. 

Yoga improves sleep, digestion, & back discomfort, according to research. 

Yoga can reduce the risk of heart disease, improve lung function, & alleviate stress, anxiety, & depression, according to Northwestern Medicine. 

Aerial yoga can assist seasoned yogis enhance their practise. 

This modern flow integrates yoga principles & asanas (poses) with aerial arts. 

Several solutions can boost your practise, & they're all good for beginners & experts. 

Om Factory School of Yoga's Teaching Training Director Kevin Bigger says the first thing you'll notice in an aerial yoga class is a cloth hammock hung above each mat. 

“We practise many of the same positions as a traditional [yoga] session, but your body interacts with the hammock,” he explains. 

Aerial yoga adds to the old practise. Bigger says instructors include Pilates, Barre, & Dance into aerial conditioning. 

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