Early return of avian flu to the Midwest

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Ird flu has returned to the Midwest earlier than the authorities expected after a lull of several months. 

With the highly pathogenic disease being detected in two commercial turkey flocks in western Minnesota & a hobby flock in Indiana, according to the officials. 

The lull in the number of cases of ird flu in the Midwest occurred earlier than the authorities expected. 

According to the Minnesota Board of Animal Health, the disease was found after a farm in Meeker County reported an increase in mortality over the previous weekend. 

The flock was put to death in an effort to stop the disease from spreading. 

Later, on Tuesday evening, the board stated that a second flock in the county had tested positive for the disease. 

They were the first cases of avian influenza to be found in the state of Minnesota since May 31, when an outbreak was discovered in a flock of chickens kept in a backyard in Becker County. 

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