Easy Stress-Relieving Breathing Exercises

If the epidemic is still stressing you out, you're not alone. 

Stress-busting may be, well, stressful. Thankfully, breathing-based relaxation techniques are freely accessible. 

Breathing exercises are beneficial against anxiety & insomnia, common in uncertain times. 

We must maximise our bodies & minds through breath. Dr. Kris Boksman, Ph.D., C.Psych., says our physical, mental, emotional, & social systems must be in coherence to perform properly. 

When our neural system is coherent, we feel better & have better cognitive, social, & physical performance. COVID needs this.” 

Where to begin breathing exercises? Sure. Experts share their preferred breathing techniques. Start with a quiet room & lungs. 

Boksman thinks this simple breathing exercise helps balance the nervous system. The heart-centered breath changes our out-of-balance agitated bodies toward well-being & relaxation. 

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