Fall Weight-Loss Superfoods

"Fruits & vegetables reduce the incidence of CHD, stroke, & several malignancies. Low calories prevent obesity "Isabel Maples, RDN, ANFD spokesman. 

This fall fruit classic has a favourable reputation since it's full of fibre, which aids digestion. Maples claims quercetin & antioxidants destroy cancer cells.


"Pears are a wonderful source of fibre; one provides one-quarter of our daily needs," adds Maples. A Harvard research of over 200,000 men & women found that anthocyanin-rich foods, says Maples.


You'll see pumpkin everything throughout the fall, but avoid pumpkin spice goods. Fiber & beta-carotene are in fresh food. Roast, purée, can, or eat fresh pumpkin. 


"White carrot's sweeter relative," says Maples. This crunchy root veggie has 4g of fibre, vitamin C, & copper per serving. It's a quick snack.


Roast the root & sauté the leaves. Beet nitrates can lower blood pressure & help you recuperate from a workout, adds Maples. One study indicated that beet juice can prevent fatigue in runners.


This luscious fruit is abundant in anti-free radical polyphenols, folate, & vitamin C. The seeds or arils can help manage blood pressure & improve muscle recovery.


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