Family-friendly fast food deals

Fast food & fast-casual eateries have produced affordable family-meal bargains. 

They're easy to make & a wonderful respite from cooking. 

Family-sized meal packages are available now. Domino's $6 Mix & Match is their greatest bargain. 

You must buy at least two things to get $6 pizzas, but you can order as many as you want, including medium two-topping pizzas, salads, & stuffed cheesy bread. 

The chain's $8 carryout special is now online-only, making this a great deal. BK is offering two combo meals for $10. Mix-and-match includes two meals, two sides,& two drinks. 

Big King, single quarter pound King, original chicken sandwich, chicken fries, single Impossible King, & Big Fish are the dinner options. 

McNuggets are delicious. You can purchase 40 McNuggets & two big fries for $10 using the McDonald's app. 

It'll feed two people or a small group of kids. Taco Bell has been downsizing its menu, but it still offers crowd-pleasing options. 

$11 gets you four crispy or soft tacos & four Beefy 5-Layer Burritos. There are also 12 Taco Party Packs. 

KFC's chicken buckets make feeding a crowd easier. 8-&-8 Fill-Up is excellent for families with bone-in & boneless chicken lovers. 8 standard chicken pieces, 8 chicken tenders, large fries, 

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