Fast food tried fake meat. Not Working

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The world's most profitable burger company rolled out a veggie patty in 2022. 

Pea, rice, & potato approximated beef's flavour & texture. 

Before McDonald's, Burger King & White Castle did it. 

The McPlant was another mass-produced artificial meat burger hailed as a climate saviour & a way to attract more customers. 

Success hinged on enough people eating the plant patty. 

McDonald's secretly stopped its six-month experiment last week. 

The company's first animal-free burger, created with a Beyond Meat faux beef patty, was tested in 600 locations in February. 

McDonald's acknowledged to CNBC last Thursday that the test was successful. 

But neither the fast food giant nor Beyond Meat has declared a statewide rollout. 

Beyond Meat share prices dipped 6 percent after the revelation. 

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