Former Starbucks workers rate 9 popular drinks

Insider asked Starbucks baristas about popular drinks. Baristas say chai-tea lattes & black coffee are expensive. 

Salted-caramel mocha, blonde-roast coffee, & toffee-nut latte are recommended. 

Former Starbucks barista Danielle Damrell said simple brewed coffee is popular but not always the best. 

Starbucks over-roasts its coffee beans, giving it a "burned, acidic taste," she says. 

"It's cheap on purpose," she said. Damrell prefers Starbucks' pour-over black coffee to batch-brewed. 

Pouring hot water over ground coffee in a filter makes pour-over coffee. Damrell recommends pour-over coffee for better-tasting black coffee at the same price. 

This order takes longer, but the coffee is smoother. Starbucks' chai lattes aren't made in-house, Damrell said. 

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