Fruit & vegetables are different

The answer may appear obvious at first. Clearly. Fruits are sweet & juicy like strawberries. 

Veggies are savoury & fibrous, like a carrot. But are those the official definitions? 

Other considerations? Some consider tomato a fruit. Tomatoes can be fruit or vegetable. 

According to the European Food Information Council, the definitions vary on whether you're a gardener or chef EUFIC. 

Your language & country of origin may also alter your perception. 

Most individuals view the issue culinary. Taste & scent are used to sort fruits & vegetables. 

Fruits are sweet or sour, but veggies are moderate & savoury. 

Both categories have different culinary uses. Fruits will be added to sweets, smoothies, & juices, while veggies will be a side or main dish. 

Here, we define a fruit & a vegetable based on several definitions. Surprised? Botanists define fruit & vegetables differently. 

Fruits are seed-bearing structures that arise from a flowering plant's ovary, according to a book. 

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