Gordon Ramsay's Comfort Food Secret Ingredient

Gordon Ramsay's ultimate comfort meal is fish & chips, one of the UK's most popular foods. 

Ramsay even owns Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips. His other gastropubs provide fish & chips, so he's an expert. 

"Fish & Chips is a dish I grew up with since it's truly British. I've found a method to modernise a classic dish "Ramsay's restaurant serves beer-battered crispy cod with natural salt chips, according to his website.

 He's offered various recipes & variants of the traditional, such as beer-battered fish with mushy peas. 

In Ramsay's recent video series, "Classic Family Recipes With A Twist," he puts his own twist to meals like fish fingers with a chip butty, boiled eggs with anchovy soldiers, & battered salmon. 

Instead of beer-battered fish, Ramsay makes ginger beer-battered fish at home. Beer batters add carbon dioxide, foaming ingredients, & alcohol, explains Scientific American. 

CO2 bubbles escape when the batter meets the oil, creating a light, crispy coating. Carbonation makes the batter acidic, preventing gluten development, which would make the breading chewy.

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