Climate, health care, deficit reduction in Biden's bill

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The largest U.S. climate change investment ever. Cap on out-of-pocket Medicare drug costs. 

New corporate minimum tax to make sure major corporations pay. 

And billions for federal deficits. The Democrats' "Inflation Reduction Act" may not immediately curb price increases. 

Longtime party proposals will be included in the package headed for final passage in Congress & President Joe Biden's signature. 

The health care, climate change, & deficit-reduction accord is a dramatic election year turnaround. 

A lesser but not unsubstantial product brought back to political life after collapsing last year. 

All Republicans are expected to vote against the agreement. 

Republicans criticise the 730-page plan as large government overreach & its $80 billion investment in the IRS to train additional employees & pursue tax scofflaws.

 Congress will be decided by November voters. Here's what's in the $740 billion House measure, which includes $440 billion in new spending and $300 billion to reduce deficits. 

The plan would empower Medicare to negotiate drug pricing with pharmaceutical firms, saving $288 billion over 10 years. 

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