Here Are Eight of the Easiest-to-Grow Container Vegetables.

Broccoli grows big. Choose compact, container-friendly varieties. Cool-weather broccoli tastes sweeter than warm-weather broccoli. Dill, chamomile, sage, beets, and onions complement broccoli.

1) How to Grow Broccoli in a Container

Cabbage prefers cool, not freezing temperatures. Too much heat or frost will cause it to split or bolt. Thyme, dill, chamomile, sage, and onions complement cabbage.

2) Container-grown cabbage

Carrots grow best in a container by themselves or with radishes. Carrot seeds germinate in 10 days if kept moist. Hot weather fibrizes carrots. Frost improves carrot flavour. Tomatoes, lettuce, chives, onions, radishes, and sage pair well.

3) Container-grown carrots

In cooler areas, growing eggplant in containers is more successful than in-ground beds. Grow dwarf eggplants in containers. Green beans, peppers, and okra pair well.

4) Container-grown eggplant

Cooked and raw okra flowers and leaves are edible. Growing okra requires 60 days of warm weather. In cooler climates, plant short-season varieties indoors. Peppers and eggplant complement okra.

5) Container-grown okra

Peppers thrive in warm weather. Because the soil heats up faster in containers, peppers grow better in cooler climates. Pepper plants need staking or support to prevent broken branches. Peppers contain heat-producing capsaicin. Capsaicin content increases with heat.

6) How to Grow Peppers in a Container

Most winter squash varieties are vining and don't do well in containers. Container gardening requires "bush" or "compact" summer squash. Nasturtiums and radishes pair well.

7) Container-grown summer squash

Warm weather helps sweet potatoes grow. A mature sweet potato can produce slips in 2 months. Until shoots form, bury the bottom half of a sweet potato in soil. Toothpicks can suspend a sweet potato in water. When shoots are several inches long, remove the leaves from the bottom half and put it in water.

8) Container-grown sweet potatoes

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