High-Fiber foods improve digestion

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Doctor orders extra fibre may not excite you. People have complained about drinking fibre supplements with water. 

It's healthy, right? Yes, fibre is important for health. 

National Library of Medicine: Only 5% of Americans consume the daily recommended quantity of fibre. 

People think they eat more fibre than they do. Many believe more fibre means a blander diet. 

Good news! Many tasty, easy-to-eat foods include fibre. Let's discuss the benefits of fibre & the best sources. 

Fiber's benefits are explained. Dietary fibre is a carbohydrate. 

Unlike many other carbohydrates, it aids in digestion. It appears in soluble & insoluble forms does not dissolve in water. 

Both types of fibre have health benefits, but in different ways. 

Here are some benefits of eating more fibre. Mayo Clinic says soluble fibre is heart-healthy. 

Fiber slows digestion, reduces hunger, & inhibits bile acid production, say specialists. 

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