This "Intense" Ab Workout Will Only Take You 6 Minutes to Complete

Strength coach and trainer Jeff Cavaliere C.S.C.S. conducts a six-minute workout in a new video that was uploaded to the Athlean-X channel. 

He says that the workout will surely fire your abdominal muscles & help you shred that six-pack. 

Cavaliere gives the piece of advice, "Don't even think of pulling your knees towards your chest." 

"Imagine pulling both of your knees up to meet in the middle of your forehead... Put your pelvis in a position that tilts backward." 

This version lifts the legs up & across the body, which introduces an essential rotating action that stimulates the obliques in addition to the abdominals. 

Because you should keep in mind that one of the primary duties of the muscles in your core is to rotate the trunk. 

If you perform this exercise correctly, you will notice that it has a similar effect on your obliques as the mountain climbers. 

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