International KFC menu items 

KFC expert? Reconsider. Your encyclopaedic knowledge of KFC's menu is irrelevant once you see what's served elsewhere. 

Franchises have adapted their menus to include oatmeal, spaghetti, fries topped with fish flakes, chicken & mushroom soup, & pizza with a fried chicken foundation. 

These country-specific KFC recipes may make you want to travel. 

KFC in the US serves a flaky-crusted Pot Pie with chicken, potato, pea, & carrot filling. 

It's as common as Original Recipe fried chicken, gravy, & fries. 

In Japan, the savoury pie has appeared briefly alongside dessert pies like the purple Sweet Potato Pie. 

Scoff-ee In 2015, UK restaurants sold edible cups. The complex design included an edible sugar paper wrapping with the KFC logo & a white chocolate inside lining that melted in hot drinks. 

The cups were laced with'mood-boosting smells' including coconut sun lotion, freshly cut grass, & wildflowers. 

Portuguese tarts are served at KFC in Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, & China. 

Inspired by Taiwanese boba tea, the chain introduced Brown Sugar Boba Tea Tarts also called bubble tea or milk tea. 

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