This iOS 16 feature helps people keep track of their medications.

Some of the nicest features of the September 12 iOS 16 upgrade are convenient, like the ability to flag texts as unread. 

One new function helps those who take various drugs (or cares for someone who does). 

In Apple's Health app, you can add a list of your prescriptions, set regular reminders, mark drugs as taken (with a timestamp), & share the details with others. 

This is good news for individuals who wonder, "Did I take my meds this morning or yesterday?" 

To utilise the new functionality, open the Health app & tap "Medications" You can input any prescriptions you take regularly, including non-prescription drugs & as-needed items, as well as dosage & timing. 

Next, choose the drug's form, colour, & backdrop. Consider matching the background colour to the bottle, container, or product label. 

These visual clues can help people rapidly scan the list to decide which medication they need to take or just took and register it. 

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