Let's know about Narcissistic Collapse

Narcissistic personality disorder is a real diagnosis that can be serious. 

We tend to frame narcissists as villains, but they have a mental condition & can face struggles. 

NPD can cause "narcissistic collapse." According to Dr. Elinor Greenberg, a common misconception about narcissists is that they have high self-esteem & never doubt themselves. 

NPD sufferers have unstable self-esteem, so they need others' approval. 

A person with NPD can experience a narcissistic collapse when anticipating public failure. 

Being exposed as flawed can trigger shame-based depression in someone with this disorder.

Their future fear of exposure affects their present functioning. NPD uses grandiosity as a defence.

When this defence mechanism stops working, the person must "face the deep shame & worthlessness. 

That drive their condition," says Dr. Maggie Vaughan of Happy Apple psychotherapy in New York City. 

This happens after a "low" that destroys their ability to be extraordinary. 

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