Lifehacks you'll wish you knew Lighter pasta

We're sure you're storing up on candles for the winter. There's no excuse to go without your favourite aroma if your candles are burning too low. Light uncooked spaghetti instead of your fingers. 

Wish you could eliminate highlighter marks? Lemon juice erases highlighter. Cut a lemon in half & wipe it with juice. Watch the colour fade as you swab the highlighted words.

Highlighter Stains

My dog ate too quickly & threw up. Instead of buying a slow-feed bowl, I bored holes into a 12-inch piece of 2-inch PVC pipe.

Slow-Eating Puppy

"As I age, I carry more keys. I have car, house, shed, & garage keys. I paint both sides of my most-used keys with nail polish to make them simpler to find. I color-code every key. 

Quickly Identify Keys

If your sink's faucet won't fit a bucket, use a pool noodle. Slip the pool noodle over the faucet and down to the bucket. Life-changing pool noodle hacks.


Store leftover seed packets in an airtight jar with silica packets for next year. The silica packets inhibit germination and mould. Check out these 10 basic gardening suggestions.

Freshen seeds

Car wax prevents bathroom mirror fogging after hot showers. Apply auto wax, let it dry, then buff with a soft, dry cloth. Savings advice for your next bathroom makeover.


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