Meet 15 of the Smallest Dog Breeds in the World

There are many small dog breeds to choose from if you live in a small space. Like all breeds, the smallest dogs need care to live their best lives.

What's the smallest dog?

The world's smallest dog is a Chihuahua named Miracle Milly. She weighed 1 pound and was under 4 inches tall, below average for Chihuahuas. Miracle Milly died in 2020, but not before capturing the hearts of millions worldwide, including on Puerto Rico.


Origin stories for Chihuahuas range from South America to China. They're fun and can spice up anyone's life, but they can be feisty if not socialised and handled properly.

Toy Poodle

Toy poodles are a popular poodle size. Toy poodles are 10 inches tall and have the intelligence and lack of shedding of standard poodles.


Don't underestimate them. Pomeranians are high-energy fun. Amazing personalities that easily switch between affection and independence. Poms have the stamina of much larger dogs, so they need exercise and stimulation.

Toy Fox Terrier

Toy fox terriers are popular among terriers. Toy fox terriers are low-maintenance, playful pups. They'll follow you around the kitchen island or sit on your lap. They're easy to groom.


You probably don't picture a Yorkshire terrier hunting. These former rats still have their ancestors' spunkiness. Yorkies are used to working, even if it's just being a loyal family member. Yorkies are easy to train and up for any challenge because of their instincts.


The papillon's ears are among its most distinctive features. The papillon has long, feathered ears that frame its face and resemble wings. Papillons, spaniels, are happy in most situations.

Japanese Chin

A long-haired pug? Nope, Japanese chin. They're great for anyone looking for a calmer, lower-energy companion. They were originally bred as nobility's companions, so they think they're royalty. Thanks to their fluffy coat and short muzzle, Japanese chins are very pretty dogs.


Star Wars? The affenpinscher has an Ewok-like appearance. This monkey-like dog's persistent personality will win you over. Affenpinschers have a unique temperament that makes them adaptable and obedient.

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