Mispronounced food names

Some meal names are hard to say, therefore people are afraid to order them. 

It may be a gastronomic minefield, whether it's misunderstood foods or beverages or uncommon ingredients. 

Here are some commonly mispronounced meals & how to say them correctly. This South American grain has become a superfood in the last decade, but it's often mispronounced, especially when it was new. 

It's pronounced "keen-wah," not "keen-oh-ah" Quechua is an Andean language. People don't know how to pronounce chorizo or are afraid of seeming pretentious. 

It's one of the most commonly mispronounced food names, probably because there's no clear pronunciation guide. The spicy, paprika-laced sausage is pronounced "chuh-ree-tho" in Castilian Spanish. 

This creamy, oozy cheese isn't Bert as far as we know. Normandy cheese is pronounced "cam-om-bear" the "t" is silent. 

The inside should be runny & the white rind just-soft, & it should be picked up with toasted bread. This traditional Greek street meal is great with gobs of yoghurt sauce & a silent "g." 

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