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Having frozen vegetables means you'll always have nutritious components for quick dinners. We look at some of the most popular freezer meals, including peas, sweetcorn & pastry.

Freezer basics

Why not update this quick-dinner staple? Our quick pasta dish combines frozen spinach, cream, garlic, & Parmesan. Orecchiette small, curled pasta is used here.

Orecchiette spinach

These green fritters can be served in a bun or alone. They're easy to make with frozen peas & spinach & don't require many ingredients.

Peas, spinach, & chia fritters

This easy casserole uses leftover turkey, ham, chicken, or a combo. The hearty stuffing includes healthful peas & spinach. Broccoli is optional.

Turkey-ham casserole with peas & spinach

Frozen peas are great in omelettes, noodles, & this chicken curry. It's infused with ginger, garlic, cumin, & chile. Make a double batch to freeze leftovers.

Chicken-pea curry

This 30-minute vegan version of a Middle Eastern classic includes peas & spinach. If you're not serving vegetarians, use Greek yoghurt instead. 

Pea shakshuka

This quiche is great for a picnic, breakfast, brunch, or lunch. The frozen peas offset the salty feta and Parma Ham. Use frozen shortcrust pastry for convenience.

Quiche with peas, ham, & feta

A good risotto packs flavour with minimal effort. This dish mixes frozen peas, shrimp, & zucchini in just over 30 minutes.

Shrimp-pea risotto

This uses up leftover rice, cabbage, peas, & shrimp from the freezer. Sweet, crunchy greens & meaty shellfish soak up soy & oyster sauce.

Fried shrimp & cabbage

This Malaysian noodle soup is perfect after a hard day. Coconut milk & frozen shrimp cool the spiciness. Thai red curry paste can replace laksa paste in this recipe.


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