Non-Grocery Store Items

After a sluggish & cautious return to pre-pandemic normalcy last year,.

2022 looks like fall 2020, which means grocery store supply concerns. 

This time, food shortages are widespread, so customers may have trouble finding specific products. 

Katie Denis, vice president of research for the Consumer Brands Association. 

Which represents General Mills & Kellogg, calls it "spotty" "It's not like at the start of the pandemic when people panicked & stockpiled." 

Still, certain aisles are struggling. Here are several grocery store must-haves. 

Reuters predicts a reduction in chickpea supply. The Russian invasion of Ukraine reduced production, as both are major chickpea suppliers. 

US growers have forsaken chickpeas for other crops, limiting domestic availability. 

Combine this with COVID supply chain concerns, & you may have to use other beans in hummus. 

Bloomberg said Russia's invasion of Ukraine affected the global wheat supply chain. 

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