Only intense workouts are as effective as exercise. 

Your body can get benefits from exercise in a number of different ways. 

Exercise is beneficial for a wide range of health outcomes, including lowering the risk of developing certain chronic diseases. 

Maintaining healthy blood sugar & insulin levels, enhancing mental health, preserving cognitive function. 

Enhancing bone health, enhancing the quality of sleep, & even improving sexual health. 

Weight maintenance is one of the most common reasons why people participate in physical activity. 

To make a long story short, getting regular exercise can improve your life & raise the likelihood that you will live longer. 

The Physical Exercise Guidelines for Americans indicate that adults engage in muscle strengthening activities. 

On two days per week in addition to engaging in moderate-intensity physical activity for a total of 150 minutes each week. 

The majority of people choose to exercise at least once each day or commit to doing so for a minimum of half an hour on five days per week. 

However, recent study has called into question whether or not the consistency of one's training routine throughout the week is relevant when specifically considering one's lifespan. 

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