An osteopath 12 yoga poses that strengthen bones

If you enjoy yoga, you know how healthy & gentle it is. 

Regular yoga sessions may stretch your body, calm your mind, & even regulate your heart rate & blood pressure.

Loren Fishman, MD, B.Phil, is a New York City researcher, doctor of rehabilitation, & 50-year yoga practitioner.

He created "the Fishman technique" of yoga for osteoporosis. Dr. Fishman told The Healthy @Reader's Digest that yoga boosts long-term bone density. 

In 2021 research published in Orthopedic Nursing, Dr. Fishman recommended 12 yoga positions for bone strength.

Dr. Fishman says these 12 positions for stronger bones all exert proper pressure on the bones.

This stimulates osteoblasts to create more bone, he explains. As we explain below, they place "maximum torque, compression, or pressure" on body parts.

A solid yoga session can help you get through the week, but its effects stay even longer.

Read on for 12 bone-strengthening yoga positions. Dr. Fishman advises not rounding the spine either entering or exiting positions or while in them.

Tree position is calming. Tree posture strengthens the femur and hip, explains Dr. Fishman. USC found a 60% increase in pressure even with the foot three-quarters down the calf.

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