Pet danger signs

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With almost 31,000 confirmed monkeypox cases globally, health officials warn that not only humans are at risk. 

Monkeypox can affect pets. 

Researchers announced the first human-to-dog monkeypox transmission this month. 

Before this occurrence, researchers knew monkeypox could harm rodents but not other animals. 

We're still studying how human-to-animal transmission works. 

This paper proposes keeping pets in mind during the outbreak. 

Animals can contract monkeypox. 

Monkeys aren't the natural reservoir for the virus, says Dr. Jane Sykes of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, who researches animal infectious diseases. 

"Monkeys can be infected, but they're not always related with chronic diseases," says Cornell University epidemiologist Dr. Isaac Weisfuse. 

Experts say African rodents are the most likely natural reservoir. These animals disseminated monkeypox in 2003, causing 47 cases in six states. 

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