Psychologists explain trauma therapy

While you may be familiar with CBT, there's another style of treatment that focuses on trauma rehabilitation. 

Pete Davidson was recently in the news for his experience with trauma counselling, per People. 

US Department of Veteran Affairs: 6% of Americans will develop PTSD. 

Sarah Lee, a psychotherapist who specialises in CPTSD & childhood trauma, says PTSD symptoms include flashbacks, anxiety, hypervigilance, & poor self-worth. 

Physical trauma can occur. Traumatic stress can modify the amygdala, hippocampus, & prefrontal cortex, according to studies. 

"When we face genuine or imagined threat, the amygdala switches on," says trained EMDR & brainspotting therapist Janet Bayramyan Generales, LCSW. 

"Trauma is an issue when it doesn't stop, so you always feel threatened." 

Trauma counselling can assist. This therapy includes EMDR, IFS, & brainspotting. 

Minerva Guerrero, PhD, LMHC, says all are evidence-based, goal-oriented, & follow natural healing systems. Unfamiliar with these treatments? 

POPSUGAR asked trauma therapists how they define trauma, how they treat it, & if it's right for you. 

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