Really Weird Phobias

Everyone has fears—or many fears. Fear isn't a phobia. A phobia is a persistent fear or avoidance of a certain stimulus, says UCLA's Kate Wolitzky-Taylor, PhD. Bees or heights are common stimuli. 

Phobias have another component. "Fear creates significant distress or hinders life," adds Wolitzky-Taylor. She adds frequent fears include snakes & small spaces.

Fear of being buried alive is taphophobia. People feared doctors would incorrectly pronounce them dead during the plague-ridden 1700s, according to research.


Eisoptrophobia is the fear of mirrors or your own reflection. A 2014 case study detailed a 55-year-old woman's 30-year struggle with eisoptrophobia.


Rain fear is ombrophobia. It's categorised with hurricanes (lilapsophobia), snow, cold, & wind. People with these phobias may have formal weather-related schooling.


Malaysian research calls phonophobia a "abnormal" & "unwarranted" fear of sound. These are generally commonplace, everyday sounds, such doors closing or loud chatter, say researchers. 


Numerophobia is the fear of numbers, but not because enormous 1s & 0s are hiding under the bed. With all the current tech-worry, maybe they should. Numerophobia is a fear of numbers.


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