Rebuilding My Hypermobile Body

My Ehlers-Danlos symptoms started young, like many others'. hEDS wasn't diagnosed till my late 20s. 

This diagnosis was accurate. It helped me care for my body & follow my interest for body & mind work. 

Chronic pain makes exercise or movement intimidating. 

I've quit exercising numerous times because it was too hard. 

After seven months without exercise, my discomfort grew drastically. 

I studied the body & movement to improve my life. I became a 200-Hour Certified Yoga Teacher with Online Yoga School in 2020. 

My certification boosted my body & movement understanding. 

This accomplishment pushed me to continue working hard. 

As a hypermobile zebra, several regular yoga positions didn't suit me & had to be adapted. 

I learned the power of dynamic movement through TaiChi. I started doing dynamic yoga. 

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