Restaurants are quickly adopting robot cooks

As technology becomes cheaper & hiring labour tougher, robots are entering kitchens countrywide.

Chipotle, Wing Zone, & White Castle use robots. Former SpaceX engineers founded Stellar Pizza, which built a touchless pizza-making truck.

 A new pizza shop wants to open in Los Angeles this year. This isn't your average pizzeria. 

The pizzas will be assembled by robots built by former SpaceX engineers. 

Pizza is made every 45 seconds. Benson Tsai, Brian Langone, & James Wahawisan created Stellar Pizza in 2019 with roughly a dozen. 

Former SpaceX employees to build a touchless pizza-making machine.

Stellar's robot-made pizza business strategy has already failed once. Softbank-backed Zume Pizza.

Once worth $4 billion, shut down its robot pizza delivery operation in 2020 & now makes compostable packaging. 

Entrepreneurs are taking robot pizza global. Dubai unveiled an automated pizza kiosk in February, a concept funded by Cleveland chef Anthony Carron's 800 Degrees Go & Santa Monica's Piestro.

In five years, they expect to deploy 3,600 machines. Miso Robotics' Flippy 2 robot arm has been implemented at Chipotle, White Castle, & Wing Zone. 

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