Should You Do Muscle Flossing?

 Latex bands are used to enhance resistance to push-ups, assist pull-ups, & vary squats. 

Muscle flossing is when someone wraps a latex bandage around their quads. 

Voodoo or tissue flossing are other names. Muscle flossing is a sort of compression therapy that aims to restore range of motion. 

It restricts blood flow for 30 seconds to two minutes. During this time, you stretch the muscle or joint. 

Fresh blood supplies oxygen & nutrients to restore health after the time limit. 

Imagine a myofascial release for several tissues. You can wrap your ankles, knees, elbows, or shoulders for muscle flossing. 

Muscle flossing shears the fascia in the wrapped area to improve joint glide. This alerts the neurological system to the joint or muscle. 

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